Le siècle de J.P.Sartre

LE SIÈCLE DE Jean Paul SARTRE: Anniversary of Sartre

Today June/25/2005 is anniversary of Greatest Philosopher Sartre. He contributed the whole life for oppressed all over the world………………..

For France greatest thinker, 20th century genious, brilliantly creative, massive output, frank, liberating, courageous and generous, whose influence extends far and wide in fields of phylosophy, literature, drama, politics and psychiatry.

              LONG LIFE TO SARTRE´s THOUGHT¡¡¡


Acerca de socioecoabs

Interested in social and political questions and particularly in women liberation and people´s self determination right around the world. Master in Social Sciences: Paris V. Sorbonne.......Sciences, Human Rights, Historical Memory, Oriental culture, Languages: French and English, Music, Travel, etc..........
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