Panorama in Iberian Peninsula today

Panorama in Iberian Peninsula:

Untill 1975, when  succeeded the authoritarian  regime of Franco, spain´s policy towards its minorities was the denial of rights and persecution of languages, folklore, economy and political authonomie deviating from the politico-cultural standard of "one spanish ethnic" and political nation.

By allowing partially political parties, democracy in spain also opened the door, always late and forced by evidence, for the claims of regions. In Iberian Peninsula, the traditional feeling of belonging to the place one´s birth, has been of particular significance. For more than one hundred years the spanish government tried to weaken nationalities consciousness by substituting new smaller administrative provinces to the old historical regions. This was, and is, a vital instrument of policy against those areas whose populations did not accept the idea of one undifferentiated spanish nation.

Spain has, besides its CASTILIAN core land-population, three major peripheral nationalities: BASQUE COUNTRY, Galizia, and CATALONYA……………………In addition there are two minor minorities: Occitans in the upper Garonne valley or Val d´Aran in the Pyrennees, and, if we also take into account the African part of Iberian, Arabs in the territories on and off the Moroccan coast, such as Ceuta and Melilla……………..And of course, the ancient Al-Andalus, ANDALUCIA today, in Southern Peninsula or Asturies in the central North………………………The Guanchos of the CANARY ISLANDS have been almost extincted as a separated ethnie. And consequently the Canary authonomist and independent movement has no ethnic background today.

                                      Published by Adolphe J. B. Sánchez. Free University René Descartes. abs: Madrid- Internet 

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           Madrid- Europe

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Interested in social and political questions and particularly in women liberation and people´s self determination right around the world. Master in Social Sciences: Paris V. Sorbonne.......Sciences, Human Rights, Historical Memory, Oriental culture, Languages: French and English, Music, Travel, etc..........
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