Por el Placer del viaje a la antigua usanza: De la Place de la Bastille a Karl Marx grave

Still  possible!!!, in spite of modern Tunnel and Highway.
Travelling in the Old Fashioned Way: From Paris to London in 70´s
This is a very interesting journey, that is made at some time or another by most people, who are in the habit of travelling at all, either for family, business or simply for mere pleasure. The fact that this journey is made so frequently is not at all strange, as each of these capitals is in the center of a world-wide trade and also is unbounded interest to the visitor on account of its historic buildings, monuments and other objects of beauty………………..The journey from Paris to London is made in three stages: A railway journey on French soil, the crossing of the Channel by steamer, and another railway journey on english soil……………………..Several sea routes across the Channel are opened to the traveller: Calais to Dover, Boulogne to Folkstone, Dieppe to Newhaven. The shortest route by sea is between the French port Calais and the english port Dover, across the Straits of Dover. The distance between the two countries is only 21 miles at this point, and the crossing is made in about 50 minutes…………The distance between the two coasts is so short and the traffic so great that the construction of a subterranean TUNNEL (made¡¡¡) is a project worthy of serious consideration by the governments of both countries…………………..The journey by rail from Paris to Calais is pleasant and occupies less than three and a half hours. On arriving at Calais the train conveys the passengers as far as the harbour station, where the steamer that is to take them to Dover is moored…………….When all passengers and luggage are on board the steamer, its readiness for departure is announced by a whistle, and, after the mooring ropes have been released, the ship proceeds majestically out of the harbour. The steamers that perform this short crossing are comparatively small vessels, but they are fitted out with all the latest improvements. The saloons and cabins are confortable; those for the first class passengers being situated astern or on the upper decks, while those for the second class and third are below decks…………………Boats on the ship´s sides are always ready for launching in case of emergency and life/belts are stacked everywhere in complete readiness for use…….On a fine clear day, when the steamer leaves the port of Calais, we see the French coast becoming gradually more and more indistinct in the mist, till finally disappears from our sight…………….The sea voyage ends with the arrival of the steamer at the Admiralty Pier, which, jutting towards the open sea, acts as a breakwater. On their arrival the travellers must proceed to the Custom House. If a traveller has nothing to declare, the Custom officials mark his luggage with chalk and he may inmediately continue his journey in peace…….The journey from Dover to London naturally awakens in the traveller a certain curiosity, on account of various differences existing between the English landscape and the French………..The english trains are quick and confortable, and the journey occupies about an hour and a half or two hours………..On his arrival in London the traveller steps on to a wide and lofty station, whether it be Victoria, Charing Cross or Cannon Street. The great London termini are all connected by underground railway with all parts of the city and the outlying suburbs, and a short walk along an underground corridor will bring the traveller to the "tube" station. There are also at the station numerous taxi-cabs and other vehicles to convey him to his destination……



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Interested in social and political questions and particularly in women liberation and people´s self determination right around the world. Master in Social Sciences: Paris V. Sorbonne.......Sciences, Human Rights, Historical Memory, Oriental culture, Languages: French and English, Music, Travel, etc..........
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